The Quiet Nail Grinder for Dogs

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Kathy P.
worth the hype

I don’t normally write reviews, but I felt this one warranted one! I have a furry little beast and trimming nails has always been rough!! Screaming and biting (i scream, she bites). I tried a few different nail grinders and she was terrified of them. I came across this one and thought why not give it a try. It took only 5 minutes to do ALL FOUR paws! She held perfectly still and didn’t fight me at all! She even wagged her tail when we were done!!

scott h.
very happy with the grinder!

I have a big dog. The first day I got the grinder, I turned the quiet nail grinder on the floor next to him for 20 min. He wasn't too sure about the funny vibration it made but also it's not very noisy so he didnt get stressed out. The second day I did the same thing then picked it up, with the cap on, and gently touched it to his haunches so he could feel the vibration. Again he wasn't too sure about it. With the cap on, I picked up his front paw, secured the nail between my 2 fingers and touched the capped grinder to his nail. The entire time I spoke softly and gently to him. I then removed the cap and gently touched the grinder to his nail for only a second. He flinched a little but didn't pull his paw away. I then proceeded to grind only 1 nail in quick gentle strokes. Success!!!. I emailed Baxter and asked them how to introduce the dog to the grinder and they were very helpful!

Casy H.

Wow!!! I have had 3 dog nail grinders in the past. This one beats all of them by far!! It it very quiet on both settings, which is great, especially for skittish pups. It is sooo fast! I have 3 dogs and it would take several minutes per dog, about 30 minutes total. Not with this one. All 3 were done in less than 10 and they were much shorter and looked better than when using the other grinders. It also didn't get nearly as hot as the other ones do. I am very impressed.

Phyllis L.

Ordered 11.14 - delivered to Lithuania 12.03

Shayne B.

really quiet, but still powerful enough to grind down the nails.

Queenie K.

The Quiet Nail Grinder for Dogs

Domenic B.

The machine is quiet. Made qualitatively.

Abbey C.

Excellent quality, I have been surprised by the cost and quality of the product. He has arrived very quickly in less than a week to Spain.

Alize K.

It quickly looks very high quality. I do not know how I do not know yet. Thank you

Stewart A.

The Quiet Nail Grinder for Dogs

Anxiety-filled (both for you & your pooch) grooming sessions are a thing of the past! 

With The Quiet Nail Grinder, nail grooming sessions are easy, stress-free & pain-free.
The End Result is; perfectly rounded, smooth & healthy nails.


With the Quiet Nail Grinder, your trimming experience is a lot quicker & easier.  Quiet motor is designed to give off little noise and vibration, allowing your pet to sit back and relax. (or in Baxter's case, completely lay down)


The best part of the Quiet Nail Grinder is, it's risk-free The grinder uses an advanced diamond drum bit grinder to deliver the safest, most comfortable grooming. Recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals, painlessly and precisely trim your pet's nails anywhere.


Is it better to cut or grind dog nails?
Trimming can be pretty effective, but a grinding tool can give a smoother finish to the nail than the clipper and works well on thick nails.
Are dog nail grinders safe?
nail grinder is a slower but safer tool for trimming your dog's nails since, unlike with clippers, you can't accidentally cut the blood supply to the claws.
Why need to be quiet?
Many dogs don't like the sound or sensation or the amount of time it takes. With GentlePaws Quiet Nail Grinder, you'll be able to turn a grooming session into a weekly activity smoothly.
Does it heat up and burn your pet?
GentlePaws Quiet Nail Grinder would never heat up or burn. Stable voltage would ensure the machine works perfectly.
Is the dog nail grinder powerful enough for a large dog's nails?
The paw nail grinder has 2 speeds, and we recommend using the higher speed for thick nails. If the nails are too long, we suggest using the clipper to cut off the length and then use the grinder to shape the rough edge.
How long will it take to finish the whole trimming process?
Really depends on the dog and the nails, but usually, 15 minutes would be enough.
Will the pets be scared by the noise?
We have tested for different kinds of pets, and they were not scared by the sound. You could take a few minutes to get your pet accustomed to the smell and sound before you start.