Chest Carrier Backpack - FAQ

Q: Does my pet fit in this bag?

A: Our Chest Carrier Backpacks are suitable for small dogs and cats.
But we recommend that you check the sizes of the bags on every page, and if you're not sure, we have various sizes of bags in our carrier collection.

Q: What if my pet doesn't want to go in?
A: We doubt it. They'll look around as they move hands and arms comfortably. What's not to like? ;)

Q: Do pet carrier backpacks work well for long trips?
A: These backpacks definitely work well for long trips. Just be sure to choose an ergonomic design for yourself too. Backpack carriers are more convenient than shoulder bags to take the pressure off your cervical and lumbar spine. 

Q: How do I clean this carrier?
A: You can wipe, vacuum, or wash it.

Q: Are they airline approved?
A: Airlines often require closed carriers, so we do not think this one is. But we recommend that you check with your airline specifically to see what types of bags they will accept to be safe. 

Q: How much is the shipping, and how much it costs?
A: Worldwide shipping is free over $35. If your order is under $35, the shipping fee is only $1.99
Our carriers arrive in 5-10 days within the US via USPS.