FAQs -

Where are your Bully Gnawers sourced?

Our free range Bully Gnawers are sourced from the grass plains of Argentina, which is widely known for the best quality beef on the planet.

Do Bully Gnawers have an odor?

Yes, and dogs love them that way! Humans may not enjoy the smell, but dogs truly appreciate it. Here at Natural Dog Company, it’s all about the dogs…so (unsurprisingly) we elected to go completely natural with our Bully Gnawers. “Odor Free” bully treats go through an unfortunate process of bleaching with chlorine and sometimes even the use of formaldehyde – yikes! 

Are Bully Gnawers digestible?

Absolutely. Unlike rawhide, our Gnawers are completely digestible and full of B vitamins and other nutrients!

How long will the Gnawer last?

The larger the Gnawer, the longer it will last. Our Gnawers should last for a couple hours. However, there are many variables such as the strength and tenacity of your dog.