Traveling with Dogs

We love traveling with our pets, Baxter & Bella. Bella the Cat tends to prefer staying at home for over the weekend trips. But Baxter the Golden is a whole different story; he typically comes with us to work in the car, goes to weekend road trips with us often. 
We know how much anxiety traveling with dogs can cause for both the puppy and their humans. So we gathered the best in travel accessories for dogs, making life more comfortable while traveling with dogs.
Harness Seatbelt for Dogs is our must-have for all car rides with Baxter. The Harness Seatbelt secures your dog safe while driving, its adjustable strap clips on to any harness and is very easy to clip on and off.
The all-time best seller Portable Dog Water Bottle is a lifesaver on our hiking, kayaking adventures with Baxter.