Chest Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs

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My dog Loves it!!!

My dog absolutely loved this carrier! She loved it so much, the next morning she was trying to pull it out to get back in. I 100% recommend this!

Rosalee T.

It's perfect. As shown in the image. Very nice. I bought a size l and it's perfect for a 4 kg poodle. i recommend it!

Makenzie Z.

Very happy with my purchase for a small dog of 2kilo to go in ballad sewing very solid and closing system very well done

Ava M.

I absolutely love this, she clearly does not! Lol but I purchased a medium for my 4 pound miniature poodle,m. It fits her perfectly except for the bottom two holes for the legs, they are a little small and she has pretty long legs so they don’t go all the way through, but she still looks more comfortable than I was expecting and I think it’s perfect!

Mortimer K.

A beautiful backpack, spitz 3,5 took li did not regret. Came very quickly, to novosibirsk 2 weeks

Hudson H.

Excellent backpack, dog 1,6 kg, perfect fit

Marcellus K.

Cool backpack, especially liked the coloring, bought the size l, on that poodle 4.5 kg, took that would ride with him on the bike

Freddy S.

Backpack is excellent! york weighing 1900 climbs in overalls. i'm very comfortable. He's sitting quietly, too. With the tail there are no problems-there is a hole decent, nothing presses sobaken. The parcel came in 12 days to the vologda region. Super fast! thank you very much to the seller! i order a lot in this store and never any problems.

Hardy G.

Very comfortable perfect size chihuahua de2.300 It's great. very comfortable.

Trycia L.

Just as described. This is my second order. Love this item. I love these. So easy to use and very convenient. I have ordered three times.

Take your Pup with you anywhere!

best chest carrier backpack for small dogs Helps ease anxiety for small pups

best chest carrier backpack for small dogs Safe & Comfortable Design

best chest carrier backpack for small dogs Secure and Breathable Material

best chest carrier backpack for small dogs 3 fun colors to choose from

Perfect Carrier for Long Walks & Bike Rides with Pups that tires easily.

  • Made from breathable mesh and polyester fiber, durable and comfortable. Two Mesh side panels allow maximum air circulation.

  • Hook and loop, zipper, and elastic openings allow you to fit your dog inside comfortably. Release buckles on the end of straps ensure quick installation with just one hand.

  • The Chest Carrier Backpack holds dogs weighing up to 13 pounds and offers excellent ventilation and visibility.

  • Legs-out and tail-out design keep your pet safe and comfortable when you carry your cat or dog around.

  • Adjustable straps with clips can be worn on your front or back for easy installation and reduce pressure on your shoulders and keep your dog or cat close to you at all times.

Q: Does my pet fit in this bag?
A: Our Chest Carrier Backpacks are suitable for small dogs and cats. But we recommend that you check the sizes of the bags on every page, and if you're not sure, we have various sizes of bags in our carrier collection.
Q: What if my pet doesn't want to go in?
A: We doubt it. They'll look around as they move hands and arms comfortably. What's not to like? ;)
Q: Do pet carrier backpacks work well for long trips?
A: These backpacks definitely work well for long trips. Just be sure to choose an ergonomic design for yourself too. Backpack carriers are more convenient than shoulder bags to take the pressure off your cervical and lumbar spine.
Q: How do I clean this carrier?
A: You can wipe, vacuum, or wash it.
Q: Are they airline approved?
A: Airlines often require closed carriers, so we do not think this one is. But we recommend that you check with your airline specifically to see what types of bags they will accept to be safe.