The Chubby Cat Backpack for Large Cats & Small Dogs

Do you have a chubby cat?
Are you having difficulty finding a proper carrier for that big-boned fella?

If you've got a relatively large cat and you don't like traditional carriers, then our Fat Cat Backpack should be the carrier for you and your feline friend.

  • Holds a cat just under 20 pounds comfortably.
  • Tons of space inside for your cat to sit or lay down and even spin around.
  • A boatload of ventilation: top vents, 2 side vents, 3 front vents, and vents in the bubble.
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps and a chest strap for a more stable ride.


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Details of the Fat Cat Backpack:

  • Bubble attachment
  • Screen attachment
  • Side pockets on both sides
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Strong mesh sides and top 
  • Air holes in the front (seriously, we wouldn't sell something your fur babies couldn't breathe in)
  • Mat, removable
backpack carrier for large cats dog carrier backpack

The Fat Cat Backpack is Perfect for everyday use:

Whether you take your cat to the vet or you'll take them with you when traveling, you don't need to carry those bulky carriages any more!

Maximum Weight:

Size Large: Cats - 20lbs | 9kg | Dogs - 15.6lbs | 7kg
Size Medium: Cats - 13 lbs


Size Large: 17.7 x 11.4 x 15 inches.

Size Medium: 15.3 x 8.6 x 12.6 inches

The bag itself weights about 4.4 lbs | 2 kg


Q: Does my pet fit in the fat cat backpack?
A: Our fat cat backpack is suitable for larger cats and small dogs.
But we recommend that you check the sizes of the bags on every page, and if you're not sure, we have various sizes of cat backpacks in our carrier collection.

Q: What if my cat doesn't want to go in the fat cat backpack?
A: We doubt it. But to be sure; First, place a few of your cat’s favorite treats in the backpack and leave the entryway open so she can get comfortable going in and out;)

Q: Does the fat cat backpack work well for long trips?
A: Cat backpack definitely works well for long trips. Fat Cat Backpack carriers are more convenient than shoulder bags to take the pressure off your cervical and lumbar spine.

Q: How do I clean the fat cat backpack cat carrier?
A: You can wipe or vacuum it. Also, there is a removable pad that you can wash.

Q: Are the fat cat backpacks airline approved?
A: Many of our customers travel with fat cat backpacks. We recommend that you check with your airline specifically to see what types of bags they will accept to be safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Darrion C.

Super appearance and quality. Good choice

Yvonne D.

Good quality

Annamarie H.

Perfect! Great product and fast delivery :) very very happy thank you! (Cat harnas is mine;) not included! But works great)

Nelda D.

Very happy with it, arrived in good condition. Fits my 4kg cat very well with room to turn. Sturdy and good quality. Thank you seller.

Jany G.

Parcel received with a plastic wrapped. Overall the quality is quite good. The front cover (transparent cover and flat honey-comb cover) is a bit tricky to attach and unattached it from the backpack. Instead of twisting it like a water bottle cap, it is actually a lock on type. So, it makes it harder to unattached it. I worry I might spoil it, so I didn’t bother to change the cover to transparent cover. Maybe the backpack is folded in the store for quite some time, the backpack is a bit crumpled. Might need to used it frequently to keep it back to its shape. The good news is, it doesn’t smell. So, doesn’t have to worry that your pet might suffocate in it.

Jordane F.

Everything is very good! It takes a little time to fade the smell and it straightened up, and so everything is fine! there is a lot of space!

Caterina M.

Very nice and spacious backpack-took l. Asked further to pack the plastic porthole and Emma from the store made sure it was! The parcel came to England quickly, within 2 weeks. Thank you very much guysI definitely recommend them.

Felipa M.

Very Good! Looks sturdy and well-made. Good quality product. Slightly rumpled on the photo right after unpacking, but it's a fabric so obviously nothing wrong. Cat fits inside and there's more than enough space for him.

Madisyn B.

The color is not much different from that in the photo.The cat did not mind sitting in it, we will check when the warm days will be. I like that in this bag the porthole is low so that the cat can lie down to look.