Pet Carrier Transparent Backpack

We all know cats love to stare! 

Why not let them enjoy the scenery with a carrier, which is basically a window!

Our cat carrier backpack provides your cat with the necessary ventilation, security, and a large viewing range.

Pet Carrier Transparent Backpack
  • Transparent capsule design provides 360-degree sightseeing and eases the anxiety of your pet.

  • Two entryways, the side and the front

  • Clip inside to attach a leash

  • Side pocket

  • Adjustable shoulder straps

  • Adjustable chest strap

  • Strong mesh sides (no cat has broken through yet!)

  • 9 air holes in the front and on sides (seriously, we wouldn't sell something your fur babies couldn't breathe in)

  • Removable mat

pet carrier backpack sunfreaks

cat carrier backpack

pet carrier backpack

cat carrier backpack

Perfect for everyday use:

Whether you take your cat to the vet or you'll take them with you when traveling, you don't need to carry those bulky carriages any more!

Maximum Weight: Cats - 13 lbs | 5.9 kg  // Dogs - 10 lbs | 4.5 kg

Dimensions: 16.5 x 13.4 x 9.8 in | 42 x 34 x 25 cm

The bag itself weighs about 2.6 lbs | 1.2 kg

You’ll never have to leave your pet home when you travel, go for a bike ride, or take an afternoon outside with this pet travel carrier. And your cat will never be bored during travel! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Cary B.

2,7 kilograms of york came well, took with the thought of transporting a motorcycle)

Denis E.

Just space! The truth is not a big smell, but in the night disappeared. I recommend!

Modesto L.

The lower shelf (where the pet sits) does not match the color of the backpack (fuchsia-red), but it's ok. In the photo backpack for a daughter of 9 years, inside puppy griffin 3 months. Great backpack!

Brad M.

Came with a giant dent in it but I was able to pop it back in pretty easily. Decided to use a blanket instead of the insert and he seemed to really like it. Overall great product though. My tiel was chirping happily the whole walk. I really like how thick the mesh on the sides are, I was a little worried that Tweety would chew through it but nope he couldn’t.

Orin G.

The cat is delighted. Itself climbed and began to purr there)) Everything is fine. We have been using it for 2 months, the kitty is very happy and i do not leave her at home we walk all together now :)

Blake H.

Bag is really good quality, dome was slightly damaged but no big deal, perfect for small pets

Frida S.

The backpack is wonderful! Everything corresponds to the description, there was a small smell but the next day already disappeared. Came in about a month in moscow. Although it was packed simply in a postal package, came in whole, without defects. Very comfortable, my ferrets are delighted, now surprise passing people: d is much more convenient to carry))) i advise everyone!!! You won't regret it!

Lee J.

Very cool! The cat refuses to climb out... Seriously! Thank you very much! Delivered not very quickly. But they've been very helpful along the way. Love this store!

Zaria C.

Very good and pretty big backpack. Nothing is wrinkled, everything is intact. At least we could somehow protect plastic glass.

Elliot H.

Pet Backpack just super!!! 100 stars!!!! it is convenient to put the cat inside, also there is a window on the side, so that the cat can go out, and on the other hand the window ventilation and a pocket for the bottle.. The plastic itself is not very stiff, but if it was thicker, then the backpack would be much heavier.
My cat 6 months (briton), 8 lbs, he lays in it and along and across, did not even want to go out of the backpack!!! I think that for a cat up to 20 lbs is a very suitable option...