April 18, 2021 2 min read

Protective Design -

The GentlePaws Quiet Nail Grinder has a protective feature. If there is too much pressure detected, either on yourself or your pets' nails, the grinder will automatically stop spinning, meaning that the grinder is not broken but protecting you and your pet. You can simply release or decrease the pressure, and it will start wheeling again.

Three Size Ports -

There are three size ports in the grinder area. You can choose an appropriate port depending on your pet's nail sizes and hardness. The cap can be removed for larger pets to expose the entire wheel to easily grind large nails. It is safe to use the product with or without the cap.

The GentlePaws Quiet Nail Grinder is designed to be compact, convenient, environmentally friendly, and low noise. It comes with a USB wire for your charging convenience. The grinding wheels are durable, replaceable, and can be removed for cleaning.

We have tested for different kinds of pets, and they were not scared by the sound. You could take a few minutes to get your pet accustomed to the smell and sound before you start.

Choose the right time, most dogs do not like nail trims, so it's essential to choose a time when your dog is relaxing. 

A nail grinder is definitely not a Pet Nail Clipper. We suggest that you cut short your pets' nails with nail clippers before using this grinder for better results. Keep in mind if you have a nervous pup that you don't have to trim all their nails at once; you can do them a few at a time if needed. Praise your dog frequently and give a treat after you finish working.


Is it better to cut or grind dog nails?
Trimming can be pretty effective, but a grinding tool can give a smoother finish to the nail than the clipper and works well on thick nails.
Are dog nail grinders safe?
nail grinder is a slower but safer tool for trimming your dog's nails since, unlike with clippers, you can't accidentally cut the blood supply to the claws.
Why need to be quiet?
Many dogs don't like the sound or sensation or the amount of time it takes. With GentlePaws Quiet Nail Grinder, you'll be able to turn a grooming session into a weekly activity smoothly.
Does it heat up and burn your pet?
GentlePaws Quiet Nail Grinder would never heat up or burn. Stable voltage would ensure the machine works perfectly.
Is the dog nail grinder powerful enough for a large dog's nails?
The paw nail grinder has 2 speeds, and we recommend using the higher speed for thick nails. If the nails are too long, we suggest using the clipper to cut off the length and then use the grinder to shape the rough edge.
How long will it take to finish the whole trimming process?
Really depends on the dog and the nails, but usually, 15 minutes would be enough.
Will the pets be scared by the noise?
We have tested for different kinds of pets, and they were not scared by the sound. You could take a few minutes to get your pet accustomed to the smell and sound before you start.

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