July 30, 2019 3 min read

One of the first phrases a dog learns is “Let's go!

By nature, dogs are outdoor animals and they love going on adventures with their humans. Traveling with dogs is a great way to build memories, as long as you're prepared ahead of time about your pup's travel needs.

1. The Harness Seatbelt for Dogs

Road trips are absolute the best when you're traveling with dogs. Make sure to use a harness seatbelt. The harness seatbelt will secure your dog safely in his seat and avoid dangerous 'jumping on your lap' attempts or injuries in case of accidents.

Click here to grab your Harness Seatbelt for your travel with your dog.

harness seatbelt for dogs, a must have for traveling with dogs

2. Dog Car Seat Cover Hammock

When you're out and about traveling with your dog, the last thing you want to worry about is a dirty car seat. Car seat covers for dogs are simple, cheap, and definitely a useful solution road trips with your dog. Our convertible Car Seat Cover allows you to adjust the size according to your pup's size. 

The Car Seat Cover is an all-time bestseller that's now on sale. Grab yours here!

car seat cover for dogs

3. Portable Dog Water Bottle

Keeping your Pup hydrated while traveling with your dog is a must, but having a water bowl in the car is messy. That's why the Portable Water Bottle for Dogs is a genius product that will make life easier while traveling with your dog. The bottle works with a dispenser system so that you can pour water whenever you want in and out of the bottle, without worrying about spillage or wasting unused water.

portable water bottle for dogs
4. Dog Carrier Mesh Chest Bag

dog carrier bag

If you have pup under 15 pounds, you might be taking him/her on daily rides on the subway, going to stores together and a lot of times it's convenient or necessary by law to have a carrier bag for them. 

Our Dog Carrier Mesh Chest Bag is perfect for puppies, small, and medium-sized dogs. Perfectly priced and made out of quality materials, this bag is stylish and practical at the same time.


5. Small Dog Carrier Sling 

If you're not a backpack person, this Small Dog Carrier Sling Bag might just be the perfect Dog Carrier for you! It's made for smaller dogs who like to stay cozy and have the option to hide away. The Carrier Sling comes with pockets for your and your pups essentials.

best dog carrier sling for small dogs

6. Chicken Broth

Some pups tend to get a bit car sick. If this is your first time traveling with your dog, and you are not sure how adjusted they are to car rides, make sure to take watered down chicken broth with you. If your dog can't handle the car ride well due to motion sickness, a little bit of chicken broth will perk him/her right back up!

hacks for traveling with dog, chicken broth against motion sickness

7. A Favorite Toy

Whether you're traveling far or you're going on a quick weekend getaway with your pup, make sure to take one or two of his/her favorite toys, preferably an interactive toy or puzzle toy for dogs that will keep your pooch entertained and busy in a new environment. Busy & engaged pups won't bother to chew the new stuff around :)) 
Here are a couple of best selling interactive toys and puzzle toys for dogs.

Interactive Treat Ball 
Perfect for Indoor Play. The interactive Treat Ball will keep your pup interested and busy for a long time, even in small spaces.

High Roller Ball

If you're going on an outdoor adventure, this is absolutely the best toy you can get. The bright colors prevent losing the High Roller Ball. The ball floats above water so throw anywhere and have your pup fetch it back. The texture of the ball massages the gums. 

this is the perfect fetch ball that floats above water

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