Tips to keep your pets safe and healthy during the summer.

Tips to keep your pets safe and healthy during the summer.

How to take care of your pets during the summer.

Summertime brings all sorts of risks to your pet, and heat is just one of them. You will need a pet brush, pet life jacket, heartworm and tick medication, and anti-flea medicine.

Protect your pets from the heat by keeping them out of parked cars. Ensure they're drinking bowls in full. Providing them shade when they're outdoors, and brushing them regularly to remove excess hair would help them keep their health during hot summer days.

Safeguard your pets around water. If you're at the beach, make sure they have a lot of drinking water, so they don't drink up from the ocean or the lake. Place an animal exit devices in your pool, and wash your pet after the swim to clean chlorine. Use lifejackets on them when taking them out on a boat.

Check with the animal poison Control Center to see if your backyard has implants that are dangerous to pets. Read the labels of garden pesticides and fertilizers carefully before using them to see if they present a danger to animals.

Check your dog for ticks and foxtails if they spent time outside, especially in fields or woods. Tickborne diseases such as Lyme disease are increasing even in areas not known for them, and foxtail seeds can bore through the skin of your pet.

If heartworms are a problem in your area, have your pet tested and give them medication to protect them from heartworms transmitted by mosquitoes.

Check for regularly, and get rid of fleas by treating them monthly with a topical flea and tick medication from your veterinarian.

Don't put your dog in a truck bed for a ride, no matter how beautiful the day is. The estimation is that 100,000 animals die yearly due to falling from the back of an open truck, while others suffer burns when the metal floor heats up.

Take your pets inside during fireworks, distract them with a new toy, or petting them to keep the TV or radio at a high volume to drown out the blasts. Many pets get lost and end up at animal shelters due to that kind of distractions.

These are the best days of the whole year! It's summertime, which means more sunshine, more beach days and more fun! Take precautions, be safe, and have fun.

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