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What to do with your dog on a long road trip, so everybody is happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Don't throw your dog in the van and say hey we're going to drive for 15 hours hope you do. Start with short trips to your friend's house, maybe a short journey for the weekend, a couple of hours away, and a 6-hour tour. You want to build up for that long trip.

Build up to

If you're going on a long trip tomorrow and you'll leave at like 6:00 AM, make sure that your dog goes on a long hike today. Going out with your dog for a run or biking, a couple of hours of this kind of very vigorous exercise so that he's tired for tomorrow.

Pre-exercise your dog first

If you are leaving later in the afternoon, you do that exercise in the morning. But sometimes you got to go early, and that's not part of it, so exercise the day before. Don't leave him sitting in the house all day, because you've got to pack in your rush around. By doing stuff the time in your calendar to exercise your dog first, he'll be a more settled and relaxed partner as you drive down to wherever you're going

Keep your dog safe in the car.

The safest way for your dog to travel is in a crash-tested crate. Keeping your dog in a container, if they'll tolerate it is the most reliable in the event of an accident. Nobody wants an accident to happen, but sometimes it does. Getting your dog created means that they don't become a projectile or go through your window. I know it's a little dark, but it does happen, and nobody expects it to happen, so if you can, create your dog.

The other reason to create your dog is they tend to relax more and settle when they're in a confined space. Also, if you need to run into the store or get some gas, you know the dog isn't wandering around the car getting into trouble, so it keeps them safe, it keeps them protected, and it gives you the Peace of Mind, knowing that your dog isn't getting into any trouble during the ride. They'll be more likely to relax.

If you can't create your dog, you may want to get a crash-tested seatbelt to protect your dog in the event of an accident and keeps him put when needed.

Harness Seatbelt for Dogs

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You should have some ways to contain your dog on a road trip. Sitting on your lap while driving not safe, then stepping from the back into the front while you're driving could cause an accident. You want to make sure everybody in the car is safe, including your dog.

Bring a lot for your dog to do in the car.

So, that means chewing projects that keep your dog entertained—usually, a nylon bone. So, you want to bring something engaging that they want in those periods where they get a little bit of restless that you could say hey why don't you chew on this, having calmed down, relax. And they'll start associating this long road trip with something awesome that they're doing so definitely bring lots for your dog to do while they're stationary in the car.

ChewBoy Treat Ball

Lots of bathroom breaks

Make stops every time you're getting gas or switching drivers. Let your dog out to stretch their legs. Take a bathroom break and maybe have a little game of tug or Frisbee.

Mount a long trip, try to park periodically for that longer leg stretching. Take a look at your GPS and see if there's a park nearby. Stop there and give the dog at least a walk around. Put him on a long line, let them stretch their legs, play a little bit. They get themselves a bit tired if you bring them back in, and sleep for the rest of the rack. Do that every six, seven hours or so.

We want our dog to feel happy going on road trips because the reason you're bringing them is that you love your dog, you want to go everywhere with him. So you want to make sure that they've got their bathroom habits under control and a little bit of exercise every time you stop.

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That's it. Those are the top five tips for road tripping with your dog. Now get out there and have an adventure with your pup.

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