January 30, 2020 1 min read

You might have replied all instead of forward on that gossip email but hey, these cute pooches have gotten themselves in quite the pickle 🐶 

1. In his defense, he's protecting his family from the terrors of toilet paper. 

dog shaming 2020 toilet paper


2. How come unicorns can do it and not get in trouble? 

dog shaming unicorn poop 


3. A simple thank you was what I was expecting.

dog shaming vacuum attack


4. The first days can be nerve-wracking, we are not judging.

dog shaming peed on the floor


5. It's a team effort.

dog shaming destroying socks


6. Well, we are out of words. 

dog shaming cookie stealer 


7. Isn't the year of DIY? 

dog shaming doggy  door


8. Thou shall (or not) pee in thy brother's food bowl.

dog shaming peeing


9. So you didn't enjoy my interior design execution? 

dog shaming ate everything


10. That's all we know for now about the incident.

dog shaming pillow attack


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