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Our goal is to make your life as a dog or cat owner easier and your search for good pet products to be a little more fun.

We have a fun range of products from dog toys to cat play areas. Most of the pet products you see here are tested and approved by our very own Baxter the Golden and Bella the Cat. Baxter also has a cousin, an Akita named Mocha, who from time to time chips in helping us test new products!

Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl - Mint Wave (X-Small) Wild One Triangle 100% Natural Rubber and BPA-free Tug Toy for Dogs Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl - Purple Wild One Organic PB&J Treats ChewBoy Treat Ball

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Staying in with your Pet

This is the times where we need to stay home & safe. Check out our toy collections to entertain your furry friend.

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Morikukko WOOF Shark Waterproof Hoodie Jacket with Backpack Barrier Waterproof Warm Winter Dog Jacket Aquatic Dog Life Jacket Dog Life Jacket - Paws Aboard Red Neoprene Pet Life Vest Morikukko WOOF in Grey and Neon Waterproof Hoodie Jacket with Backpack


Waterproof Comfort

Barrier Waterproof Jackets: Keep your pup warm & dry with hi-tech comfort.

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Products of the Month

Time to get those paws some protection!

If you and your pup love venturing out on active excursions, our PawTection balm is a crucial tool to protect their paws and keep them healthy.

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The Quiet Nail Grinder for Dogs

Anxiety filled (both for you & your pooch) grooming sessions are a thing of the past! With The Quiet Nail Grinder, nail grooming sessions are easy, stress-free & pain-free.

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Small Dog Carrier Sling - Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag Chest Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs Pet Carrier Backpack - Front Bag Carrier Harness Seatbelt for Dogs Dog Backpack Harness with Reflective Saddle Packs

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Going Out With Your Dog

Wanna hang out with your little buddy? Try our newest collection.

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About Us

I’m Baxter and I run this shop with my adopted sister Bella. Me being a Lovely Golden Retriever and my sister an anti social grumpy cat, I am generally in the front lines, talking to customers, making business deals..

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